Rules of the Website

Welcome to comparative polling website Please, read the following rules:

1. Our website offers you three types of poll:General Poll, Free Poll, Private Poll

1.1 General Poll: Any registered member can create a poll; then a poll will be posted on the site after the administrator has checked it.

1.2 Free Poll: Any registered member can create a new poll without being checked by the administrator. Most active users can create free polls or you can create it after sending Request to the administrator. There should be mentioned a task and a goal in this poll.

1.3 Private Poll: You can create it after sending a request to the administrator. Only after the author of the poll has invited (sent them an invite) users, they can post comments and vote in a private poll.A private poll will appear in free access after finishing of vote, however, nobody will be able to vote or post any comments.

2. New polls posting:

2.1 Please, check carefully if there is a similar poll on the website (you may use Search). If there are similar polls created, the latter one will be removed from the website.

2.2 Only identical objects should be compared (except for polls posted in Humour section)

2.3 While making a poll, please, provide with the information: for whom this poll is dedicated, for what people it may be interesting, give your opinion and a brief description of compared objects, then upload images of these objects. Please, express your opinion impartially.

3. Poll categories:

3.1 There are such poll categories on the website as: Products, Organization, Relationships, Other.

3.2 Products: you can find all the polls connected with what can be produced: furniture, clothes, shoes, food, medicine, building materials, websites, electronics, the dishes, equipment etc.

3.3 Organization: in this category you can find the polls connected with different organizations, communities and groups: business, legal people, companies, brands, shops and stores, educational institutions etc.

3.4 Relationships: in this category there are posted polls about personal attitude to human relations, to animals and preferences (e.g., what profession is better).

3.5 Other: here you will find the polls which don’t do for any of above-mentioned categories as well as humorous polls in Humour section.


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All rights to the published material reside in the owners.
Administration doesn’t assume any liability if third party uses the material from this website.
Administration reserves the right to use the information placed on this website at their own discretion. Administration has the right to remove the material published by users.