Mechanics or machine?

Manual 31%
Automatic transmission
Automatic transmission 69%
  • Manual
  • Automatic transmission
Which is better? Manual or automatic transmission.
The main advantages of mechanics:
Cheaper and the car itself and maintenance manual transmission
Higher dynamics of dispersal
«Eats» less fuel
Mechanics can be used all the power of the engine and its torque
The driver chooses his driving style.
The main disadvantages of mechanics:
Management complexity for beginners, the need to have experience with manual transmission
Main advantages of the machine:
Easy to manage as there is no need to use the clutch.
No risk of motor overload
The main disadvantages of the machine:
The cost is higher for both the car and the service.
Low throttle response vehicle
Higher fuel consumption
Note that the automatic gearbox at the moment become more advanced, but the mechanic is still the most practical in many ways.

automatic transmission



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