Which is better, the bitter truth or sweet lie?

Bitter truth
Bitter truth 62%
Sweet lie
Sweet lie 38%
  • Bitter truth
  • Sweet lie

The opinion of the author:

For the facts, but if the truth is bitter and can someone hurt you for lying. This article is a survey, please think twice before you vote.
The bitter truth or sweet lie?
Consider such things as false and true.
Lie — deliberate distortion of the truth, a lie, a deception.
The truth — that there is in fact corresponds to the actual situation, the facts.
Speaking of truth and falsehood, can not miss such a thing as faith, people believe what they like, rather than what is actually going on (it comes to religion, rumors, gossip, etc.), and, various media only confirm this. Also, a similar phenomenon reinforces all sorts of so-called stuffing information, for example, someone wrote on some website that will be a tax on air, read this one, the second third, someone can believe it, some do not, in either way it can only refute the authorities involved in the introduction of such taxes. By the way, the man who in something believed only confirms their «faith», starting to dig in search engines, Google and Yandex. How does this work? If he believes that all officials are thieves, and he will enforce such requests «officials steal», «the official stole» and «official kazel,» he will not seek information about honest officials because it does not fit into the human world. It would seem that may be easier to take and check the opposite information?

тhe bitter truth or sweet lie

Worthy of great respect people, who are under the pressure of facts can change your mind. Not at the end, like sheep, just because they believe in something, and it's so convenient, and can really take if sometimes bitter, but the truth.
Now, about the lies and the truth. These are two antonyms, opposite in meaning of words and events, both of which are an integral part of our daily lives. The truth can not be avoided, if something happens, it is a fact, it does not deny, but it is possible to hide, disguise. But is it always so bad? There are things that you can not really know for some people, for example, the population of any country can not know what their government is doing, when to do something real genocide or something worse. Wife can not know some intimate aspects of past life wife (and her husband about the life of his wife). What happens when the truth becomes known? Quarrels, squabbles, eternal hostility, anxiety, stress, destruction. Someone will say, do not do immoral acts and will have nothing to hide and they will be right, but c'est la vie (Selyava), it is impossible to be perfect, as it is said in the parable about Jesus and the harlot «Who of you is without sin, let him cast the first a stone at her. „
Also a mystery, and mystery — it is hidden truth, brings people together, which she is known.
Really need, without it there is no progress, science is based only on the fact that mathematics, history, as the exact sciences and the humanities. But a lie is often saved.


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