Straight hair, wavy or curls?

Straight hair
Straight hair 30%
Curly hair
Curly hair 15%
Wavy hair
Wavy hair 55%
  • Straight hair
  • Curly hair
  • Wavy hair
Straight hair, wavy or curls?
Of course, girls can almost daily change their hair, they straighten curls, straight hair from doing curls. Voosche or make a hybrid of hairstyles curls and straight.
What kind of hair is more like, straight or curly?

Straight hair
With straight hair volume hairstyle looks smaller girl gives elegance and style of business. It is hard to imagine a business woman with curly hair. Also, straight hair beauty give some bitchiness, which is often attractive to men.
Straight hair is easier to wash, comb and generally take care of them.

Curly hair
Curly or wavy hair. Gives enthusiasm and some hilarity possessor of such a hairstyle, it is enough to recall the affectionate nickname «Curly».
Of course that curls give hair volume.
Care for curly hair is much more difficult, but sometimes it is worth it.

Wavy hair
A cross between a straight and curly hair. Average — it is always boring, but allows the use of the properties of extremes. Similarly, things and with wavy hair, they give volume, they can look at the business. Chances are that you will remember because of the hairstyle virtually none. But we must remember that others, and above all men look not only at the hairstyle.
In general, girls better to choose hairstyles, based on their type of person, character. It is desirable when the girls are not raped his hair various chemical manipulations, and retain what they were gifted by nature, nature does sometimes is not what we would like, however, natural is always better.

Not to be confused unkempt, disheveled (especially in the morning) hair with curls.

Straight hair

Curly hair

Wavy hair


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