The movie "Resident Evil", which part is better?

Resident Evil
Resident Evil 38%
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Resident Evil: Apocalypse 16%
Resident Evil 3: Extinction
Resident Evil 3: Extinction 2%
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Resident Evil: Afterlife 11%
Resident Evil: Retribution
Resident Evil: Retribution 34%
  • Resident Evil
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  • Resident Evil 3: Extinction
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife
  • Resident Evil: Retribution
Consider a series of horror films «Resident Evil» based on the famous video game company Capcom Resident Evil Resident Evil.
The main character of all parts — Alice, whose real name Janus Prospero, in the performance of the beautiful Milla Jovovich. If Milla Jovovich did not play in this film, it is unlikely he achieved such success.

Resident Evil
«Resident Evil» in 2002, directed by Paul Anderson
The very first part, and the first part, as usual, are among the most interesting, if only because that tells «how it all began.»
The action takes place in a huge underground laboratory, called «Ant.» Unknown stole a sample of the virus and breaks flask protection system kills all laboratory staff.
At this time, commandos seizes Alice lost her memory, and penetrates into the underground bunker. There they detect the presence of a central computer, «The Red Queen», which is a unit must be switched off. Naturally the «Red Queen» which the viewer sees not only as a program, but also as a small, but bloodthirsty girl resists. One of the colorful scenes of the film, a corridor with lasers, which killed several soldiers from the detachment.
Program can not disable, but the freedom of digging turned into zombies dead laboratory staff. Detachment forced to re-enable the «Red Queen», but she just said that they were all going to die, and not lied.
Next, the film tells the story of how the survivors try to escape from the lab full of zombies and mutants die on the way members of the squad.
Only two of them manage to leave the lab, but Matt is infected, Alice does not have time to introduce him antivirus, and suddenly appeared Umbrella Corporation employees, capture them and put asunder. Alice loses consciousness, waking up, it comes out of an empty hospital and sees the shattered city, from the same moment begins the next part of the film.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Apocalypse
«Resident Evil: Apocalypse» in 2004, directed by Alexander Witt.
By changing the director, this part does not suffer, the more Paul Anderson (director of the first part), took an active part in the shooting.
Abmrella Corporation opens a sealed laboratory «Anthill», in which the action takes place the first film, but they can not cope with the situation and the living dead break free, get into the city of Raccoon City. Corporation begins to evacuate its staff from proud, but Charles Ashford refuses to leave without her daughter, people have taken away his daughter from school have an accident.
Meanwhile, people trying to escape from the city, in which all krushat zombies, but they close the road, because of the risk of getting a virus well the country.
A group of mercenaries trying to save the girl on the roof of the house, but she, knowing that there is no salvation for her, dumped from the roof, a helicopter flies, and mercenaries are trying to find their own way out of the infected town.
Dr. Ashford unable to contact the detachment, he invites them to help in exchange for saving his daughter.
Alice — the main character of the first part, comes to mind with the hospital (by the way, in many films featuring Milla Jovovich, her character is constantly lose consciousness, and then ochuhivayutsya, scalded with views looking around and blinked, considering the beauty of the Mill, it is always one interesting frames), to understand what happened, it is arming and meets Jill Valentine, Terri Morales and Peyton Wells. With them, as well as with Dr. Ashford mercenaries linked with the proposal to save his daughter.
When trying to find the daughter of the scientist in school, killed the journalist, her children eat zombies (one of the colorful scenes). The school band Alice encounters the remnants of the squad of mercenaries. They manage to find the daughter of Dr. Angelou and they advance to the point where they have to wait for the helicopter, but there will come across an ambush with the mutant Nemesis, buyout actually mutated friend Alice from the first part — Matt. By Matt returns to memory, he stands on the side of Alice, but dies. Dr. Ashford turns into a zombie and kill one of the leaders of Umbrella. Alice and the survivors managed to escape in a helicopter, but shoot them down, Alice dies. City Raccoon City bombed with atomic weapons.
Umbrella employees are downed helicopter recovered the body of Alice and transported to the laboratory, it gzhe raised (again lost memory frames with Milla Jovovich and her dumbfounded, but a pretty face). Alice does not remember anything at first, but the memory quickly returns to it. She somehow disable all protection and out of the lab, the output meet her surviving friends with whom she fled from the city. The film ends with the head of the laboratory Umbrella «Alice program is activated.»

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Good, suitable part not lost contact with the first film, everything is full of movement, and in contrast to these parts, there is still normal people, not mutants and zombies.

Resident Evil 3: Extinction

«Resident Evil 3: Extinction» 2007, directed by Russell Mulcahy. In this part of the change in the director said, and not for the better.
Three years have passed since the events in the second film. The virus has spread across the globe and touched both humans and animals, the world has turned into a desert.
Corporation Ambrela nevertheless exist and continue to do experiments, and including the main character Alice clones, but nothing happens.
At the very same Alice develop supernatural powers, she travels alone on an empty country, sometimes fighting off zombies and mutants. It also controls the orbiting satellite, but it somehow manages to hide it from time to time.
Friends of Alice's second film as a romp around the country in search of fuel and food with a small group of survivors. They are attacked by birds zombie during the attack Alice finds them, and with their ability to destroy the mutants, but it detects an orbiting satellite.
The group of survivors to join them, Alice decides to go to the North to Alaska. For the road they need fuel and they call in a desolate Las Vegas, where ambushed.
Friends Alice killed, the survivors manage to attack the base of the corporation Umbrella, people sit down in a helicopter and fly away. Alice can do is to kill mutated Dr. Isaac, she did it (again a colorful scene — a corridor with lasers, as in the first part). Also on the side of Alice gets her army of clones and they decide to attack the headquarters Abrella in Tokyo.

Resident Evil 3: Extinction

The best part of the third movie — in the end, which featured clones of Alice (Milla Jovovich lot).

Resident Evil: Afterlife

«Resident Evil: Afterlife», 2010, directed by Paul Anderson, who shot the first part, the return of director good impact on the quality.
Alice clone army attacked the headquarters of Umbrella in a bunker beneath Tokyo, destroying the entire staff, but the chairman of the Corporation Albert Wesker manages to escape, before activating the self-destruct system of the hopper. Alice follows him, Wesker manages to neutralize the superpowers Alice, turning it back into an ordinary person, letateltny machine on which they were in crashed.
Alice is at some far eastern Russia to the airport, where wears a pea jacket, and then on the Yak-52 is sent to Alaska to friends who flew there in the third film. But no one was there except Claire Redfield, which is controlled by spidering korproratsii Umbrella. Alice manages to remove the spider and she Claire fly to Los Angeles, where it is possible to find a group of survivors.
Their attacking zombies, including mutant executioner. Survivors escape through the sewers to the coast. Further, they are able to reach the ship, owned by Umbrella, there Elissa meets Albert Wesker, who is going to eat it, for the sake of fresh DNA. During the fight Wesker shot and locked in a compartment of the ship, but somehow escapes, re-activate the self-destruct system of the ship, but explodes own tiltrotor nevertheless survives.
Ship attacked military tiltrotor Umbrella, headed by ex-girlfriend Alice from the second part, Jill Valentine, which is under the control of the corporation.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Retribution
«Resident Evil: Retribution», 2012, directed by Paul Anderson, who is also filmed the first and fourth parts.
The film begins with the last quarter of the frame.
Then begins a completely different scene, Alice wakes up at home, she has a husband and a daughter, all around idyllic and happy life, but (as usual) there are zombies, kill her husband. Alice and her daughter managed to escape, to hide her daughter, but the zombie ex-husband kills her.
In the next scene, Alice wakes up on the floor at the base of Umbrella (again dumbfounded look and clapping eyes Milla Jovovich). Albert Wesker manages to crack the protection and get in touch with Alice to describe the situation, it appears they are on the former Russian military submarine base on the Kamchatka Peninsula, which is owned by Umbrella, where experiments are carried out simulations of the virus in different cities around the world, Moscow, Tokyo, New York. For the release of Alice at the base penetrates the assault force, Alice must meet them.
Alice Wong and put forward to meet the group, the Red Queen is trying in every way to prevent them. They get to the simulator, depicting a quiet American suburb, water their houses Alice sees the corpse of his clone of the first frame of the film, and finds his «daughter» Becky, which tends to Alice managed to hide and she survived. Alice tells Becky that she was her mother.
Alice Wong and Becky met a group of rescuers, soldiers running away from zombies simulator Moscow. But mutant Lizunov manages to steal Becky, Alice goes to save her, she did it.
Group manages to leave the destroyed base of submarines, they go snowmobiling, but catching up submarine Umbrella (the scene where a Russian submarine to breach through the ice). And it starts a fight between Jill clone Rhine (man commando from the first part) and detachment. Jill is controlled by Umbrella, but in a fight, Alice manages to knock her robot. Rain is reset under the ice, where it carried away zombies.
The last frame of the movie Alice in Washington meets Wesker who reintroduces her virus to regain hit. Also shown are the shots where the White House is precipitated hordes of zombies and mutants.

Resident Evil: Retribution


This series is from the series «Resident Evil» is one of the most successful, looks at one go, and the main character Alice looks more human, compared with other parts. We are waiting for the next film «Resident Evil: Rise.»


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