Which is better, a laptop or a tablet?

Notebook 61%
Tablet 40%
  • Notebook
  • Tablet
Which is better, a laptop or a tablet?

We have already seen that it is better, PC or laptop.
Now compare a laptop and a tablet.


Pros tablet:
Mobility, compactness, is small, does not take up much space in your bag, you can wear even in your pocket.
Allows you to work in any position, lying, sitting, standing, on the move.
In some cases, allows to impress on others, as a good tablet is worth some money.
At ease, you can add a function as a touch screen.
Indispensable during long trips, or if you have a lot of time on the road.

Cons tablet:
The small size there is a minus, the monitor is much smaller, it is not always convenient.
Often impossible to install complex software.

The tablet is not designed to perform complex operations, it is rather an accessory, fashionable gadget, not a means for the job.

Less power compared to a notebook.


Pros notebook:
More familiar.
The larger size of the monitor, which is more convenient for viewing.
More powerful, therefore, it is possible to perform a larger number of jobs at the same time.
Memory more, compared to the plates.
Allows you to connect more peripherals.

Cons notebook:
A disadvantage compared with the notebook tablet can be called the same as compared with the notebook personal computer. It is more cumbersome.


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