Which is better, exercise bike or racetrack?

Exercise bike
Exercise bike 49%
Racetrack 51%
  • Exercise bike
  • Racetrack
Imagine such a situation, the man decided to do at least some exercise. This may affect anything, for example, the proximity of the summer, so light clothing, just looked or looked at herself in the mirror, dyspnoea, or any other reason.
Next comes the choice of action, join the gym, there must be written, there still needs to go. Run in the mornings, or simply run at any convenient time. Start to move around the city by bike. It's all good ways, but can be for whatever reason, rejected, Gym can be full forever, on the street may be the weather is not to run and not to drive.
We can only do at home. Generally, the best lesson — this pulling, squatting, push-ups, lessons on the press. Especially since it requires a minimum of sports equipment, to pull the horizontal bar or wall bars, the same projectiles suitable for exercises on a press. For squats and push-ups only floor.
Along with squats, push-ups and pull-ups are such a great way to support health as jogging and cycling, but the apartment is not particularly running and cycling is not a train. It is here that come to the aid and an exercise bike or treadmill. Especially catch up and squat for hours rather difficult, these exercises should be done in several approaches. A training on a stationary bike and treadmill can be done without stopping for a few hours and not being distracted by any other activities, such as watching a television movie.

Which is better, exercise bike or treadmill?
Exercise bike
Used in rehabilitation and wellness medicine.
Moving parts — only pedal traumatic to a minimum, if the course is simply not overextend.
More compact.
When doing upper body is more or less free is free.

Exercise bike



As an exercise bike used in medicine.
More traumatic, compared with an exercise bike, you want to observe safety precautions.
Working more muscle than in exercises on an exercise bike. For those who want to lose weight training on a treadmill will bring results faster.
Produces more noise than an exercise bike.
By the way, the treadmill can replace banal, but no less useful running on the spot, for which both the squat and push-ups with only requires the existence of sex and desire. Another thing is that running in place can not be programmed as an exercise bike or treadmill.

As a result of our small comparison, both the projectile favorably affect the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

Do not forget to engage in regular exercise and be healthy.


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