Whose photos cutest?

Small animals
Small animals 35%
Small children
Small children 65%
  • Small animals
  • Small children
Every mom thinks that her baby is the most. The most gifted, the best and certainly the nicest.
And of course, every self-respecting mother nowadays considers its sacred duty to photograph every moment of his life miracle baby. All these photos are a source of pride and take their place in the Internet web.
But there are people who are in a similar way to animals. Cute photos of our four-legged friends filled the Internet. Cats, dogs, hedgehogs and other wildlife species appear naive and sincere smiles cause.

small children

little animals


little animals

But still who is dearer? Funny kitten or chubby toddler? Someone does not like children, and someone is allergic to animals. Conversely, there are people watching umilёnno childish pranks and there are those who are willing to every homeless puppy to take home.
Who melt — little animals or kids? This is a private matter, but no one is looking at this image can not remain indifferent, t. To. And children and animals in all the photos are sincere and genuine, and therefore are so cute.


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