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Pepsi (Pepsi) — a soft drink manufacturer company PepsiCo. Invented in 1898 by pharmacist Caleb Bredhem and drink was originally called «Drink Brad.» Habitual name «Pepsi-Cola» drink purchased in 1903.
Widely known thanks to the advertising slogan «Pepsi Generation», «Pepsi — for those who feel young,» «You — Pepsi generation.»

Pepsi generation

The original recipe Pepsi:
Sugar: 7500 pounds
Water: 1200 gallon
Caramel (caramel): 12 gallons
Lime juice: 12 gallons
Phosphoric acid: 58 pounds
Ethanol: 0.5 gallons
Lemon oil: 6 ounces
Orange oil 5 ounces
Cinnamon oil: 4 oz
Oil of nutmeg 2 oz
Coriander oil 2 ounces
Petigrenevoe lemon oil: 1 oz

In general, we can safely say that Pepsi is a truly iconic drink. Another thing like it or not. We'll see the results of the survey.


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