What girls like more, large or small?

Big girl
Big girl 54%
Little girls
Little girls 46%
  • Big girl
  • Little girls
Comparable, some girls prefer guys: large, long-legged, or small, tiny.
Big girls
Big girls, taller than average, long-legged. Which expanded from such eyeballs (will not go into anatomical details, listing what else is expanding). The people called or model, or a mare.

Big girls


girls veralline

What girls like more


comparison girls

Little girls
Little girls, tiny, fragile. At that sometimes you want to ask the documents to verify age. I would like to cuddle, and more, at the very dead thin man a desire to become a lawyer. The people called crumbs (though so all can be called, but these — deserved crumbs), pretty darling girl, or simply — small.

Little girls

Little girls

girls comparison

Little girls

Little girls veralline

Of course, for the little guy can be a big girl of average height, and for a healthy bull and leggy seem small.
There is a happy medium, and the like are not large, but small and not name. But we are with you people extremes.
Although the presence and size of gadgets can also be defined in any of the compared groups. Like growth and small, but hoo! Or vice versa, such as hoo what kind of body, and where what should be in this place?


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