Which is better, Android or iPhone?

Android 73%
iPhone 28%
  • Android
  • iPhone
IPhone and Android, which is better? Android and iPhone developers have put a lot of effort to acquire their products, and their efforts were not in vain, both products quite successfully marketed. Comparing Android and iPhone, we really do not compare phones, as someone might think, and mobile operating system iOS Company Applei Android (original developers of the same company Android, which was bought by Google Inc).

Marketers have done a great job of both companies, find comprehensible information and the Internet is rather difficult. About both OSes can say that work quite smoothly, convenient to use, enough, even too sufficient number of applications.

To each, and to the iPhone and Android need a habit, a man accustomed to use the iPhone may not like Android and vice versa.
Specific differences can be found in value. Price phones with the Android operating system is scattered, from cheap to expensive, depending on the phone model. iPhone is quite expensive, you can buy a cheap iPhone, but only to maintain the old model, was overlooked in the vaults, fake and stolen phone (do not recommend purchasing anything stolen).

Debates about which is better, iPhone or Android, is actually meaningless, unless it is possible to argue about personal preferences or favorite color?

Android or iPhone

iPhone or Android


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