What clothes better?

Fashionable clothing
Fashionable clothing 14%
Neat clothes
Neat clothes 48%
Comfortable clothing
Comfortable clothing 33%
Causing wear
Causing wear 5%
  • Fashionable clothing
  • Neat clothes
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Causing wear
You can dress comfortably, but it looks neat, it is possible to look fashionable, but to be untidy, combinations in the style of clothing can be varied. But what do you personally prefers the choice of clothes?
What is generally wear? It is a combination of things that cover, envelop the body. Purpose of clothes — to protect the body from the adverse effects of nature. It is for this once primitive people began to dress, wearing one as opposed humans from animals…
Fashion — a combination of tastes and attitudes prevailing in a particular social environment in certain, usually for a short time. Were once in vogue leggings, jackets, Pectoral Sandpiper, before there were fur coats, fur hats, now something bright. By the way, to dress provocatively and unusual not to be fashionable.
One of the tenets of fashion — its cost, wearing really expensive brands and couture, like in primitive communal tribes people themselves give light weight rhinestones, artificial stones and painted images of themselves in order to emphasize their status. Fashion and allows a person to identify themselves as a particular social group.



Neat clothes — clean, neat, selected. Even fast food uniforms workers can look at the person quite differently, not in size, stained, wrinkled, or like a glove. It often happens that things are out of fashion long look at the man as the last word in, old, but clean, well-groomed jacket can pleasantly pleasing to the eye. Clean shoes stroked pants, sitting neatly outerwear…

Neat clothes

Comfortable clothing — a pleasant, light and burdensome clothes, the main thing — a sense of proportion, it may be convenient to go naked or naked, but in a society so is not accepted. As the saying goes, «He came home and changed into a warm pure» nothing wrong with that, if a person does not confuse, the concept of «home» and «society.» Ideally, of course, when a man who is dressed comfortably, no need to dress for a simple trip to the store to shop.

Comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothing


Causing wear — when it is impossible not to pay attention to how people dressed, wild mix of styles, accentuated sexuality (or ugliness), not to be confused with the mods. Belonging to any unformal group (punk, emo, metal, goth).

Causing wear

Causing wear

Causing wear


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